Marie Cartwright: Sports Therapist and Coach

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Marie’s sessions combine an array of skills and techniques that she gained through studying and working in various parts of the world. Her experience enables her to deliver tailored massages to clients from all walks of life, from amateur to professional athletes, but also artists, musicians and people working in the trades and industries.

Marie’s understanding of injuries – whether sporting or occupational – is pretty sharp as she has worked extensively with athletes from a variety of sports, including running, triathlon, boxing, football, swimming, badminton, bodybuilding, handball and volley-ball. She also has broad experience treating people from non-sporting backgrounds for back conditions or other postural issues.

A crucial part of Marie’s work is establishing the root cause and muscle groups affected by injuries, providing massage and assisting with rehabilitation and future injury prevention. Marie strongly believes that massage is a necessity, not a luxury and, as such, her technique often involves a tailored approach, producing an individual and personal programme of treatment.

Whether your aim is to overcome your pains and injuries, lose weight, get fitter or to improve your sporting bests, she will offer you the solutions to achieve your goals.

Marie is a keen sports competitor herself, having had an early career as a track athlete and representing her country at various international competitions. She has since tried herself at other sporting disciplines such as fencing at university level and more recently distance running, triathlon, freediving and open water swimming. True to her creative and active self, she has produced her own sporting challenge for 2016, really pushing her fitness to the limit by aiming to compete in 40 races this year as she turns 40.

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