Marie Cartwright: Sports Therapist and Coach

Knowing You

I start with a complete evaluation process by learning about you. What is your sport, your current health situation, how you got to it, your complete medical history, your past performances, your goals, and your expectations of us. Different athletes have different aims. For one person, it may be to be pain and injury free, for another to run the marathon in under a certain number of hours.

This step of learning about you involves both a practical and life history evaluation. Depending on your goals and defined expected performances, you may be asked some personal questions.

The life history evaluation will usually include:

  • Pain and injury history
  • Nutritional survey
  • Sleep patterns evaluation
  • Health history questionnaire


Working Together

I will then be in a position to plan a complete training and treatment program that is tailored specifically to your needs, your body, and your lifestyle. After the assessment you will have a realistic and honest perspective about where you are today, and I will provide you with the tools to achieve your goals. It may be that I refer you to other specialists (such as osteopaths, podiatrists, physios) – wherever relevant – to complement my work and help you get the best possible outcome. 

Continuity and Assessment

After starting your training and treatment plan, we will continually evaluate your progress, monitoring sessions on a regular basis and changing the parameters accordingly, so we can make you progress consistently and efficiently so that you reach your peak performance.

Together, we will monitor your physical health closely, specially relating to training and adequate recovery to ensure that your muscles take you to optimum performance and that you remain injury-free (through sports massage sessions) to last throughout your sporting season.