Marie Cartwright: Sports Therapist and Coach

Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports Massage is an important part of any sports, fitness & health plan. It has long been the go-to therapy for athletes seeking relief from aches and pains. And for good reason: massage can improve flexibility, boost blood flow, and release tension, helping athletes recover from or avoid injury.

Soft Tissue Release

But because some chronically tight or stubbornly sore spots do not respond quickly enough to basic massage, many therapists have turned to new techniques to help their injured clients. Like massage, they are forms of soft-tissue mobilisation that breaks down scar tissue and adhesions between connective tissue. When you sustain an injury or experience repetitive stress, the body lays down scar tissue in an attempt to heal the area. This fibrous web of tissue restricts blood flow and disrupts communication between muscle and brain, causing the muscle to shorten and tighten. By using manual technique, practitioners break down crossed fibres and build mobility and strength, making the area less prone to injury.

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