Marie Cartwright: Sports Therapist and Coach

Professional Exercise Coaching

At the mention of “professional exercise coaching” you probably relate these words to someone you have had an exercise teaching experience with, such as a personal trainer, a gym instructor or even a group exercise instructor; but these people may not be professional exercise coaches – although all of them can be!

The Difference

A key component to being a professional exercise coach requires the understanding and the ability to appropriately apply physics and biomechanics (the study of human structure, motion, forces, and their effects on and within the body) as they relate to our body and the exercises we perform.

Two Possibilities: 1. The Prehab programme, or, 2. The Tailored Training programme


Prehab Programme Package

The Prehab package consists of Strength & Flexibility Conditioning exercises as well as Corrective exercises where applicable.

It is ideal for anyone looking to reduce their muscular imbalances, improve their posture and find a long term pain reduction and pain management solution. The client would be working remotely but closely – through feedback and follow-up sessions with me on an ongoing basis, to maximise the effect of their training and achieve their physical goals.

After an initial face to face consultation (or email exchange if preferred) to gather information, set goals, plan etc… the conditioning programme is then created and a face to face session is scheduled for demonstration, practice and delivery of the programme in the form of a handout. This will contain specific details of day-by-day training sessions, both in terms of strength and flexibility and include any other training sessions or activities that you already do.

The programme is tailored according to your goals and your time availability. One major benefit of this package is the ongoing coach-client communication, essential for problem solving and adjusting the plan on the go.

There are 3 follow-up massage sessions of 1hr each at 4 week intervals each. During this session we also discuss progress and may raise intensity or load on some exercises to lead to goal target.
The minimum period for this package is 12 weeks. I firmly believe that this is the minimum time-frame you need to give to a specific programme to realise the performance benefits. I certainly wouldn’t expect anybody to realistically dictate less than 3 months to trying to achieve a meaningful lifestyle change and improved physical structure.

Programme Fees: £135 for 3 months, or a breakdown of £45 per month

Massage Sessions for follow-up: Fees per clinic price 


Tailored Training Plan Package

This option is ideal for the person looking for a bespoke training plan, without the ongoing commitment of working with a coach week-by-week. The training programme could be incorporated, transferred or tailored to fit within any existing sport or physical activity, or it could be a stand-alone fitness programme too.

Beginning with a skype/phone consultation or email exchange if preferred to gather relevant information, we will then create a 12 week training programme with session-by-session detail, including strength and conditioning components and recovery sessions. This 12 week programme is then delivered in blocks of 4 weeks/ 1 month at a time.

Changes and updates to the programme can be only made through booking additional follow-up consultations via phone/skype.

Programme Fees: £135 for 3 months, or a breakdown of £45 per month

(Optional for the Training Programme) Massage Sessions: Fees per clinic price