As a highly experienced Sports Therapist, Sports Massage is an essential part of the service I offer.

Despite its name, Sports Massage is for not just for sports people, it is for everyone. Sports Massage is essential for injury prevention and rehabilitation of athletes, as well as the prevention of occupational repetitive strain injuries and chronic pain caused by being sedentary.

Sports Massage alleviates chronic conditions and occupational issues such as back and neck pain, muscle spasms, tension headaches, trapped nerves, sciatic pain.

Sports Massage restores flexibility and helps heal sporting injuries like tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, IT Band tightness, Runner’s Knee or Jumper’s Knee.

Sports Massage is a successful means of decreasing muscle or joint stiffness and it helps to increase mobility. Other than for pain relief, sports massage is an ideal way to alleviate stress and tension. Sports Massage goes hand in hand with injury rehabilitation or post-operation rehabilitation because it helps restore vitality as well as flexibility in the soft tissue.


I offer Sports Massage and Sports Injury Rehabilitation services in Liverpool Street and London Bridge in the City of London. Times and Locations

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Sports Massage


Sports & Remedial Massage

Recover, Relieve, Rejuvenate

An important part of any sports, fitness and health plan, sports massage is the go-to therapy for athletes or anyone seeking relief from aches and pains, as well as help recover from or avoid injury.

Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Injury clinic

Rehab & Prehab

Uncover, Prevent, Restore

A concept aimed at minimising the risk of overuse injuries through preparation and specific conditioning teaching you how to exercise safely and correctly and keep you injury-free.

Kinesio Taping


KT Tape Application

Simple, Efficient, Genius

Its many benefits include reduced muscle fatigue, muscle facilitation, pain inhibition, enhanced healing by reducing oedema and improvement of lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

Coaching & Conditioning


Tailored Programmes & Advice

Strive, Succeed, Enjoy

Whether you are involved in sports at a recreational or competitive level, or whether you are looking to getting fitter, my tailored programmes will enhance your abilities and help you perform at your very best.